Texas License To Carry

This is our 5 - 6 hour class in a relaxed, stress-free, comfortable atmosphere that includes an on-site range for your convenience.  We also serve a working lunch or dinner, depending on the time of the day.

Students need to bring their state driver's license or state issued identification card, handgun and 50 rounds of ammunition.  Please bring hearing and eye protection if you have it.

* 9mm handgun and ammunition available for an additional fee.

Basic Defensive Handgun Course

For the beginner or novice handgun owner who is interested in learning or improving handling, marksmanship and knowledge of the handgun in self-defense capacity. Topics include:

Firearms safety

Defensive Handgun Selection

Mechanical Operation

Defensive Shooting Technique

Loading and Clearing

Marksmanship Fundamentals

Trigger control

Follow-through and Recovery

Handgun Reloads

Malfunctions and Remedial Action

Holsters for Concealed Carry

Ammunition for the Defensive Shooter

Intermediate Handgun Defensive Course

If you've taken the basic course, and want to learn more techniques for proper defense with the handgun, this is the course for you.  This course is centered around the close quarters/home defense mode.  Should you find yourself in a situation with a real life threat, around your home, car, etc, how would you react?  We will discuss these situations and train you to employ your weapon quickly and on target, in order to stop any potential threat towards you or your family.

Topics include:

Techniques for Shooting from behind cover

Moving forward, rearward and laterally while shooting

Basic room clearing

Use of flashlights and lasers

Multiple threat engagement

Advanced Defensive Handgun course

This is the advanced course that will teach you how to draw from a concealed holster and engage threats in a defensive mode.  This course requires:

A belt holster, a double magazine pouch on the belt and at least 3 magazines for the handgun.  This course will use an extensive amount of ammunition, so be prepared to fire at least 500 rounds during this 4 hour course.